Add A Room.

Against a global backdrop of greater social and ecological consciousness, the quest for personal happiness and well-being has turned living more with less, in a sense that suffocation is a vital manifesto to change. We are pushing the definition of what a home is and how a life can be lived.  The last couple of years we’ve seen a tendency to live a happier and healthier life with fewer products around us. 

Creating small wooden houses that integrate nature in our escape from over-consumption has also been manifested by the Danish and Swedish Corporation, Add A Room. The black modules can be linked together in different ways to create a variety of designs.  The concept of  small sustainable housing, do it yourself style, points out the idea of flexibility and move-ability for today’s modern needs.  

The homes are based on going back to basics with nature.  Landscape is framed, turning nature into a predominant element of the interior space.  Blurring the distinction of the indoor and outdoor space, interiors are made in dominant dark tones in order to keep focus on the surrounding nature, 



Hans Silvester Natural Fashion

Malene Birger Move and Work

Art Smith Jewelry

Aldo Rossi Architecture

San Francisco

Le Corbusier Sculptures

Ṗhotographer Helmut Newton

Architect Josef Hoffmann

Farnsworth House