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The Skylodge

Located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru, the exclusive Skylodge adventure suites offers you the chance to sleep within a completely transparent hanging bedroom that allows you to appreciate the impressive view of this magic and mystic valley.  For those of you who want the experience to sleep at the Skylodge, you must climb 400 mt. of Via Ferrata or hike an intrepid trail through zip-lines. 
Packages include, breakfast & gourmet dinner with wine, transportation from Cuzco and professional bilingual guides.  The design and features of each suite provides clients with first class service and complete comfort. The alternative lighting system consists of four interior lamps and a reading light all powered by solar panels that store energy in batteries.  The dome has curtains for privacy from the curious gaze of passing  domes.  The fine quality mattresses, cotton sheets, down pillows, and quilts ensures a warm and pleasant night 400 meters from the ground.  Each suite  has a priv…

Maximilian Heitsch Graphics

Maximilian Heitsch is a Munich-based creative, working in the fields of art, graphic design and cultural events.  He focuses on the interaction of space, movement and simplicity.  The effect is a body of work that reflects the ideas and practices of artists like Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella.
" I’m a fan of the tension that’s created between the intersections of the shapes, how the brain creates meaning in the abstract."  ~ Maximilian Heitsch

Studio Appétit's Edible Beauty

Milano Studio Appétit presents the latest project: “Things of Edible Beauty”, which expands boundaries of multidisciplinary design and perceptions. Studio Appétit explores the everyday aesthetics of food and it ornamental value, based on flavors, trend forecasting, and development. It is a new embodiment of fashion, combining design objects, edible products, visuals and fragrances, timeless yet changing by the season. Through a rich and luscious experiential world, innovative content and hyper aesthetic objects, it redefines the way we understand food and eating.
Studio Appétit is a multidisciplinary experience design studio, specializing in eating design and culinary oriented projects. The studio utilizes the uncharted territories of the power of food design to create and enhance multi-sensory experiences. The studio is renowned for creating multifaceted experiential worlds of concept using product design, graphic design, space and installation design, and of course culinary arts. 

Birthe Beerboom Rotating Rings

Birthe was originally inspired by her grandparents, who as watchmakers and jewelers passed on their passion for craftsmanship and working with the finest materials. The ideas for the pieces are created in the designer’s studio in Berlin, and the jewelry is made at one of Germany’s leading jewelry manufacturers in Idar-Oberstein.
The 18k architectural gold rings are engraved with designer Birthe Beerboom’s delicate drawing style. The pieces capture a youthful attitude to life, full of energy and ideas, translating into charismatic and elegant designs.  The  expressive jewelry items work well as statement pieces for everyday wear or for special occasions.  At the same time, their timeless character makes it easy to combine them with other jewelry.