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Multi-Coloured Apartment

The Interior use of rich colors and patterns was developed by Swedish Artists and Architects like Carl Larsson and Josef Frank.  This apartment also relates directly to it’s setting, overlooking Humle gården park in Stockholm, Sweden, where the greenery outside changes with the season, from winter grey and black, to deep green in summer, to orange red and yellow during autumn. 

A Modern Eichler House

Joseph Leopold Eichler was a 20th-century post-war American Real Estate Developer known for developing distinctive residential subdivisions of Mid-Century modern style tract housing in California.   Eichler was one of the influential advocates of bringing modern architecture from custom residences and large corporate buildings to general public availability.   Eichler was the only merchant builder in America who built modern style homes on a large scale, designed by skilled architects using quality materials. 

From 1949 to 1966, the "Eichler Homes Company" built more than 10,000 homes in the San Francisco area and about 900 in the Southern California area. 

Later, Knopf Architecture utilized their all-inclusive experience with the classic original high pitch, (A-Frame Eichler Architecture design) to a double-gable residence in mountain view, giving the Eichler mid-century family abode in Burlingame, California a modern makeover, while updating the best of its vintage Eichle…

The Black House

Perched between rock formations in the high desert city of Yucca Valley, California, sits a black house, the origins of which started with the observation of shadows. Specifically, the idea that the sunlight in the desert is often so bright that the eye’s only resting place is the shadows.  This was how Marc Atlan described his inspiration for his second home in the desert near Joshua Tree National Park.

Marc Atlan set out to create a unique hideaway unlike anything else in the area. Atlan, a creative director for brands like Comme des Garçons, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs, devoted the same type of creative energy exerted for his clients into creating the property ultimately dubbed “the Black Desert House.”