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Jean Deniot Capri Home

When asked to describe Jean Deniot style he responds, “My style is full of history and references coming from many different periods. I like emblematic interiors, full of archetypal furniture which one could consider ‘New or Cool Classical’… The decors are never literal or featuring typical period rooms, but eclectic and very architectural, with mixed influences, and always focusing on the highest level of quality possible. I don’t do pure conte mporary as to me it has no soul. I need to have history in my work!”

Jean Louis Deniot Doheny Drive

Jean Louis Deniot brings his inherent refinement to the interiors of the Paul R.Williams house. Deniot spent over a year restoring and renovating the 1938 house, improving and enhancing every corner of the house, located on Doheny Drive, Los Angeles. His goal was to reveal the elegant Thirties Hollywood style of the house, and not to ‘modernize’ it or reinvent it. Keeping true to the homes European aesthetic, Denoit shows off in a very subtle way that the house is located in Beverly hills and not anywhere else.

Art Smith Jewelry

Cuban-born, Brooklyn-raised Art Smith was one of the major modernist jewelers of the mid-twentieth century.  He attended Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art from 1942 to 1946 where he first pursued architectural studies but eventually abandoned them to concentrate on sculpture and the manipulation of three-dimensional forms. During the early 1940's he learned jewelry making while working part-time as a crafts supervisor at the Children’s Aid Society, and through a night course at New York University. He also worked for and was influenced by Winifred Mason, an African-American jewelry designer with a store in Greenwich Village.

In 1946, Smith opened his first store, also in Greenwich Village. Inspired by surrealism, biomorphism, and primitivism, Smith’s jewelry included large scale, asymmetrical forms made from hand-hammered elements of silver, copper, or brass, sometimes combined with quartz or other colorful stones.  His jewelry explored organic shapes and both p…