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German Jewelry Designer in Paris

Lorenz Bäumer was born in the United States in 1965,  grew up from one country to another through the missions of his German diplomat father and his French mother. His childhood of globe-trotter made him discover the diversity of the world and  influenced all of his artistic career.  Bäumer always had a fascination for creation in all its forms, eventually turning his passion into a career.  
After his studies as an engineer at the Ecole Centrale de Paris, Bäumer opened his first salons at 23 rue Royale in 1989 to sell costume jewelry.  Six years later he moved to 4 Place Vendôme and gradually he abandoned the jewelry fantasy from 1992 to devote himself exclusively to jewelry. The creation of the "Ecume de Diamants" tiara for the wedding of SAS Prince Albert of Monaco with Charlène Wittstock in 2010 was a great moment for Bäumer. In 2013 Bäumer opened his shop at 19 Place Vendôme, next to the Ritz.
Lorenz Bäumer links the connection between architecture and poetry, the conn…

Aleksandra Kingo Drama Queen

Aleksandra Kingo is a London-based photographer and director.  Kingo walks the razor's edge between discomfort and sexiness, toying with viewer's senses of disgust and attraction,  creating worlds where lipstick stains are a blessings and bananas are pastel pink.

Kingo gains a lot inspiration from everyday life stories as well as popular culture and memes.  Mostly a still life and fashion photographer,  She works for variety commercial and editorial clients, such as Hunger Magazine, Galaxy and Bloomingdale's. 

Lorenzo Pennati Handbags and Diamonds

Milanese photographer Lorenzo Pennati uniquely detailed style captures extremely posh and upscale lifestyle situations.  

DIAMOND CUT /  Marie Claire Maison / Sept 2015 / Styling: Cristina Nava / Brilliant Gems combined with gold and platinum, for timeless podium.
HANDBAGS / Marie Claire Maison  Maison / October 2016 / Styling: Cristina Nava

Oliver Gustav Studio Gallery

OLIVER GUSTAV  is a creative consultant with focus on aesthetic development, art, interior and exterior design. His approach to interiors is artisanal and thoughtful. He creates spaces that convey a quiet and yet dramatic atmosphere, where the stark and modern are contrasted against rare antique finds and exquisite curiosities. Each project is developed with intrinsic respect for architectural framework and character.
From his studio, showroom and boutique in central Copenhagen and gallery in New York City, Oliver Gustav offers unique and limited edition pieces, from a carefully curated edit of international designers and artists. His eponymous home collection of dyed hemp or linen sofas and armchairs is available made to order.
Drawing on strong and modern cultural influences set on a monochrome backdrop, Gustav’s peaceful and spellbinding interiors make striking use of light and shadow – underscoring his attention to surfaces and scale. With this serene ambience, Oliver Gustav’s sp…