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Trending - Archaic Simplicity Color Board

Can you feel the paradox? future impermanence is emerging as the new norm. What is no longer essential is trimmed away, while complex political parties expose government imperfections. Society is waking up and taking responsibility. Young impresarios of today are intrepid, purposeful, and passionate as they disrupt the status quo.  Autumn/Winter 2017 we enter Archaic Simplicity. The wording ‘Archaic’ is marked by the characteristics of an earlier period of certain simplicity of volumes, forms, color and designs. But moreover it’s a way of wanting to live, a pinch of rebellion with a savage approach to nature. It is a nonconformist approach to the primitive, and getting back to raw materials like food, and processing them as little as possible. 
One part regimented and one-part anarchic rule breaker, distressed knitted works communicate a basic response and a signal to primitive handcrafts. Erupted volcanoes and black lava serve as an inspiration of prior times, when life was a littl…