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Jean Louis Deniot I Colombian Apartment

With its sumptuous custom-made furnishings, glittering artworks, and accents of exotic hides, the handbag designer’s home base in South America is a one of a kind.   Nancy Gonzalez capacious handbags and slender clutches, made of lime-green crocodile, lavender python, orange ostrich, and other brilliantly dyed exotic skins, are sartorial beacons for chic women around the globe.  The celebrities who carry them are just as head-turning, from the glamorous Sofia Vergara of ABC’s Modern Family to the bohemian Olsen twins. Gonzalez’s breezy duplex apartment in western Colombia speaks of her luxurious style in something close to a whisper.  
Nancy Gonzalez's home was designed by Interior Architectural Designer Jean Deniot.  In the layout Jean Deniot developed, enormous pocket doors allowing the rooms to blend into one another in loft like fashion,  he defined individual spaces with inset ceilings that recall the sculptured so-fits of Art Modern interiors.  Further enhancing the expansi…