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Lorenzo Pennati Casa Milan

Photographs that are characterized by a very particular aesthetic, journey into the world of Italian photographer Lorenzo Pennati.  The photography captures upscale life style in a big mix-up of atmospheric room designs, patterns and objects that makes your eyes dance throughout each photo.
" I studied mathematics, psychology, linguistics, and made many mistake trying to find his way,  a kite surfer, runner, chef, and mad with Tennis.  Anything create emotion can became addictive. Yours emotions build your body.  Arnold Newman, Benoit Paille, Helmut Newton, Gregory Crewdson, the cardinal points.  To see is a cognitive process, then it is a result of your specific mind.  You see what you are. Nothing more, nothing else.  Interdisciplinary is the key "  ~ Lorenzo Pennati

Lungarni's Window Facades

Born in Piacenza in 1985, Carlo Cafferini lives in Pisa and is an Architecture Photographer.  Carlo is devoted to street photography and to the details and the geometries in architecture.  Carlo Cafferini's passion for photography has gone hand in hand with a passion for architecture.  For this reason his photographs have always had a special consideration for architecture, and they are often linked with the human figure, without whom the structure would not exist.

In the weeks before the Luminara, hundreds of white wooden boards called ‘biancherie’ are hanged on windows and doors of houses. The boards highlight the structure of houses, following accurately the shapes of doors and windows and have been replaced by more curious and creative shapes. The night of June 16, 2015 these boards hosted thousands and thousands of little candles for the celebration of the ‘Luminara di San Ranieri’, the city’s patron saint, and Lungarni (the two sides of river Arno) will be enlightened o…