Tate Dining Room and Bar.

Vicky Lau is a remarkable chef.  She was named Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2015.  The Tate Dining Room and Bar is the place where she blends her passion for the culinary arts, her design sensibilities and her inspirations created Edible Stories.  
Lau was born in Hong Kong, she came to the US when she was 15, and attended  a boarding school in Connecticut.  Afterwards, she graduated in Graphic Communications from New York and worked in an agency as a creative director.   Lau went back to Hong Kong to start up a project with her sister but it didn’t quite work out.  At that time two of her friends were applying to the Cordon Bleu in Bangkok, she joined them and stayed for nine months finishing up her grand diploma.  This set her on a path to pursuing her fascination with food as a platform for her artistic expression and creativity.  Curious about how a fine dining restaurant worked, Lau went to Cépage where she gained a strong reputation as one of Hong Kong’s rising chefs.
Lau  combin…

Flowers & Sours Food Lab

Entrepreneurs Sanne Zwart and Maidie Van Den Bos met each other at a market, although their companies were different, their vision was the same.   Both are intrigued by the origin of food and the pureness of nature in ingredients.  Before long, they combined their ideas and Flowers &  Sours  was born. Their delightful place on the Coolhaven breaths creativity, with their open kitchen, guest are involved with the whole process and experience.  An aspect which is paramount for their innovation food concept.  
Flowers & Sours is a food lab, tasting room, taste shop and work floor in one. The story behind the products and the manufacturing processes is central.  The collaboration of the local food makers, food designers and chefs affiliated with Flowers & Sours enables special and high-profile concepts, catering and events on location.  
Their inspiring location for rent,  offers space for workshops, tastings and network meetings. Their kitchen is suitable for small-scale foo…

The World of Rick Owens

Fashion designer, Rick Owens was singled out for special treatment as  "Master of  Elements" for his play on proportion and volume.  The American designer since launching his label, over 20 years ago, has received a wrap of four or move prominent windows, including ground floor to stock a curated selection of his favorite products.  The 'World of Rick Owens" concept store ran until the end of October 2014.  
Oxford Street, London, on 7th September 2014, a giant Rick Owens sculpture towered over the Double-Decker buses.  The statue weighing 1.5 tons, was erected on a self ridge facade for the celebration  of  twenty years since the inception of the label and the opening of “The World of Rick Owens”.  The specially commissioned 25-foot statue was positioned by the public clock over the store’s main entrance. The side view of  torso was made from steel, coated polystyrene and leather hair, and handcrafted by Doug Jennings, who is responsible for all the Rick Owens scu…

Viceroy Hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico,

Viceroy Hotel Group has taken over management of Hotel Mar Adentro in Los Cabos, Mexico and will relaunch it under the Viceroy brand in spring of 2018.  Originally created by Mexican architect Miguel Angel Aragonés, the beach-front resort in San José del Cabo will be renovated before debuting as part of The Viceroy Icon Collection.  
Leading the property’s updates, is Al Architecture de Interiors of Guadalajara, Mexico. The scope of that work includes the addition of a beach bar, beach pool, and an expanded, redesigned fitness center and spa. Two of the four existing dining outlets will be structurally updated and re-conceptualized. Upon completion, Viceroy Los Cabos will feature 194 rooms, suites and villas, and 50 residences.
trail-blazing the Viceroy Los Cabos is the brand’s first collaboration with Rodina Group, an investment firm specializing in hospitality, real estate, transportation and infrastructure across Mexico, which acquired the hotel in December.
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Satirical Illustrations by Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien is a French graphic artist currently living in London. Effective in visual clarity and inventiveness, Jullien creates satirical drawings that poke fun at our society.  He  aims to communicate through his works in everyday observations.  
From Nantes, Jullien completed a graphic design degree in Quimper before coming to London. He graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2008 and from the Royal College of Art in 2010.  He works closely with the musician "The Coward".  His practice ranges from illustration to photography, video, costumes, installations, books, posters and clothing to create a coherent yet eclectic body of work.  In 2011, he founded Jullien Brothers, a duo specialized in moving images