Florence - Experiencing Love in a Video Game

The modern video game industry and online games is saturated with challenging games that can easily take dozens of hours of dedication to absorb.   "Florence" is an intimate love story experienced through an interactive game, released by Annapurna Interactive and Australian development house Mountains. The IOS apps subtle beauty and intelligent art style, led by Ken Wong, gives the experience of a web novel/comic book.  Working through a series of "bespoke gameplay vignettes",  the interactive tasks add a layer of depth and intimacy to the game's dialogue-free comic panels and evocative music.  
Experiencing  the world of  Florence Yeoh, a women in her twenties who feels a bit stuck in her daily routine.  One day Yeoh  hears  Krish, a cello player performing in the park.  In an unexpected and casual meeting their relationship begins to beautifully unfold. 
Florence's poignant love story intertwines a succinct narrative with smart interaction design to cre…

Déguster L’augmenté ECAL I Erika Marthins

Ranked among the top 10 schools of art and design in the world, ECAL is directed by Alexis Georgacopoulos and offers six Bachelor level programs (Visual Arts, Cinema, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Media & Interaction Design, Photography). ECAL also offers five Master levels (Visual Arts, Cinema, Product Design, Photography, Type Design ).  Additionally, it offers a Preparatory Year,  preparing entry into its departments, two Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury & Craftsmanship and Design Research for Digital Innovation (with the EPFL + ECAL Lab).
Erika is a 25 year old Swedish student who carried out a Bachelor program in Media & Interaction Design at ECAL, in Lausanne, Switzerland.  After spending most of her life in her hometown Stockholm, Erika prearranged to move to  Switzerland in 2012 to learn French.   Erika cultivated her passion for design and entrepreneurship at the age of 16.  ECAL, has boosted her ambition,  creativity and technical skills,  an…

Giant Pink Pineapple

STUDIO MORISON founders Heather Peak and Ivan Morison have worked together as an artist duo, under the name Heather and Ivan Morison, since 2003, establishing an ambitious collaborative practice that transcends the divisions between art, architecture and theater. STUDIO MORISON facilitates their practice and the projects that flow from it.
Artists Heather and Ivan Morison designed a Giant Pink Pineapple to attract visitors to fundraiser for restoration of Berrington Hall's walled garden.  The construction called Look! Look! Look! is enclosed within a walled garden, designed by Georgian landscape designer Lancelot 'Capability'
Brown.  The duo created a contemporary version of the 'eye-catchers' featured in 18th-19th-century landscaping.   
The duo's idea was to create a pavilion similar to Georgian tented summer garden structures. Heather and Ivan Morison wanted to create a contemporary focus within the gardens time capsule, where old meets new harmoniously in …

Add A Room.

Against a global backdrop of greater social and ecological consciousness, the quest for personal happiness and well-being has turned living more with less, in a sense that suffocation is a vital manifesto to change. We are pushing the definition of what a home is and how a life can be lived.  The last couple of years we’ve seen a tendency to live a happier and healthier life with fewer products around us. 
Creating small wooden houses that integrate nature in our escape from over-consumption has also been manifested by the Danish and Swedish Corporation, Add A Room. The black modules can be linked together in different ways to create a variety of designs.  The concept of  small sustainable housing, do it yourself style, points out the idea of flexibility and move-ability for today’s modern needs.  
The homes are based on going back to basics with nature.  Landscape is framed, turning nature into a predominant element of the interior space.  Blurring the distinction of the indoor and…

Vetements Anti-Fashion

In 2014, two brothers launched Vetements. Known for being the business mastermind behind one of today's most talked about brands, Vetements, Guram Gvasalia is the chief executive of the Paris-based label alongside his older brother Demna Gvasalia, who leads the brand's creative team. 

Demna Gvasalia is a powerful emerging force in today's creative world, Demna Gvasalia embodies a unique approach to the profession, marked by a sociological observation of the wardrobe's essentials.  Vetements design philosophy plays to the strengths of anti-fashion clothes, an attitude of cool, individuals who have their own style, younger generations who are much more pragmatic. 
Rule breaking is not just a phase thrown around in today's politics, but it is also thrown around in fashion. No brand has divided opinions like Vetements. The Parisian collective has drawn countless detractors, skeptics, and naysayers. Exaggerated silhouettes and  streetwear-inspired clothing commands …

Japanese photographer Kimiko Yoshida

Japanese photographer Kimiko Yoshida creates self-portraits that transports you through a different time. With each character, and with every costume, she transposes the significance. Kimiko, the woman in her own portraits, blends in with the background, merely being the supporting element,  make-up is used to make her disappear rather than stand out.  With each character, and with every costume, there is no digital editing of images, only make up and direct shooting.  Using the same lighting, setting and framing, and always using herself as the person behind each portrait, Kimiko's draws the focus away from the subject and onto the act of self-transformation.  
Kimiko's preparation for each photograph is a transition, a timeless space of infinite layers, a metamorphosis journey into nothingness, where the search of identity does not exist.  

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