Vetements Anti-Fashion

In 2014, two brothers launched Vetements. Known for being the business mastermind behind one of today's most talked about brands, Vetements, Guram Gvasalia is the chief executive of the Paris-based label alongside his older brother Demna Gvasalia, who leads the brand's creative team. 

Demna Gvasalia is a powerful emerging force in today's creative world, Demna Gvasalia embodies a unique approach to the profession, marked by a sociological observation of the wardrobe's essentials.  Vetements design philosophy plays to the strengths of anti-fashion clothes, an attitude of cool, individuals who have their own style, younger generations who are much more pragmatic. 
Rule breaking is not just a phase thrown around in today's politics, but it is also thrown around in fashion. No brand has divided opinions like Vetements. The Parisian collective has drawn countless detractors, skeptics, and naysayers. Exaggerated silhouettes and  streetwear-inspired clothing commands …

Japanese photographer Kimiko Yoshida

Japanese photographer Kimiko Yoshida creates self-portraits that transports you through a different time. With each character, and with every costume, she transposes the significance. Kimiko, the woman in her own portraits, blends in with the background, merely being the supporting element,  make-up is used to make her disappear rather than stand out.  With each character, and with every costume, there is no digital editing of images, only make up and direct shooting.  Using the same lighting, setting and framing, and always using herself as the person behind each portrait, Kimiko's draws the focus away from the subject and onto the act of self-transformation.  
Kimiko's preparation for each photograph is a transition, a timeless space of infinite layers, a metamorphosis journey into nothingness, where the search of identity does not exist.  

Skinny LaMinx

Heather Moore, is a plant loving textile and ceramics designer from Cape Town, South Africa. Moore launched a textile collection inspired by the plants that she keeps on her studio’s roof top. Behind Moore's collection brand Skinny LaMinx, a steel fire escape leads up to the production studio via a hot, bleak city rooftop. Over time, Heather has been adding plants to this scorched place, transforming it slowly into a spiky rooftop garden, populated with the sculptural forms of heat-loving aloes, cacti, euphorbia & more.

Domenique Mora Design Inc. An Environment Where Innovative Designers, Architects, Photographers And Craftsmen Unite To Present The Designs And Objects that Define The 21st Century.

The Waldorf Project I Future Food Sensory Journey

There is a global growing trend preferring experiences to products, to counterpoise our digital and abstract world and a need to be deeply moved, to feel completely alive. The Waldorf Project is an immersive experience on a theatrical grand stage in which art is consumed through all the senses. The experience will unite the senses through food, scent, drink, movement, sound, and environment. The main concept is the synergy between the various aspects of the event and the imaginations of the creative team: a food designer, a choreographer, a production designer, a costume designer, a product designer, and a sound designer, all being directed and orchestrated by British artist Sean Rogg. 
The Waldorf Project/ Chapter Four/ Barakah will be staged under the concept of the Japanese emotion AMAE, a temporary surrender in perfect safety. Seven courses will be interwoven with a cutting-edge enchanting theatre, all carefully crafted and choreographed to test your responses and manipulate …

Photographer Gregor Torz's Moda

When Gregor Törzs finds something he feels the inner longing to hold it against the light. Whether it is a place, an object or a moment, for him it always refers to transparency and the hidden qualities of fragility, love, secret or perfection. ​ Born 1970, Gregor Törzs´ background and training make his approach to art unique. He started his career as a trainee in advertising in his hometown Hamburg. With nineteen he was drawn to Los Angeles, where he learned the film craft from Academy Award winning special effect experts John Dykstra and Dough Smith; later he worked as a lighting technician and as cinematographer.
In 1993, he became Director of Photography, establishing himself in the world of advertising and fashion, working with major stars and commercial brands. Today, Törzs mainly focuses on art photography and platinum printing. He lives and works in Berlin. In 2006 Törzs introduced his fine art photography with his series „Boy on Safari“, depicted in dark landscapes of surreal…