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Bompas & Parr Pharmacafe

Bompas & Parr leads in flavor-based experience design, culinary research, architectural installations and contemporary food design.  The studio first came to prominence through its expertise in jelly-making, but has since gone on to create immersive flavor-based experiences ranging from an inhabitable cloud of gin and tonic, the world’s first multi-sensory fireworks and a Taste Experience for the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, officially the best place to taste Guinness in the world.   They have also written four books, the most recent in late 2014  "Memoirs of a Stomach", a lost-and-forgotten 18th century tome brought up to date with visuals from inside the digestive tract of food.

The studio  consists of a team of creatives, cooks, designers, specialized technicians and architects. With Sam Bompas and Harry Parr the team works to experiment, develop, produce and install projects, artworks, jellies and exhibitions, as well as archiving, communicating, and contextualizi…

Italian Architect Piero Lissoni

When building a Tuscan retreat for himself and his family, Piero Lissoni decided that simplicity was key. Visited by filmmaker Matthew Donaldson for today’s edition of 'In Residence', the Italian designer and architect created an elementary form that was neither part of the vernacular, nor classic Italian pastiche.  The modernist maestro relaxes at his sun-soaked Tuscan summer home.
Keeping faithful to the size and scale of the surrounding houses, he used a concrete that is mixed with the local earth, giving it a characteristic pinkish hue. The stunning landscape envelops the building, its cool and hard lines playing off against the undulating hills.  His house is filled with a combination of found objects, antique and country furniture, and collected works from contemporaries like James Irvine and Jasper Morrison.

The Milan-born innovator founded Lissoni Associate with Nicoletta Canesi in 1986 and has since created an extensive catalog of designs for brands such as Kartell, …