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Fashion Embroidery by Jenifer Corker

Artist, jewelry designer and embroiderer Jenifer Corker depicted some of the latest fashions to walk the runway in embroidery for Show Studio.

Photographer Julius Shulman

Julius Shulman was the 20th century's most famous photographer of modern architecture. He grew up on a Connecticut farm and, after 1920, the early days of the city of Los Angeles. An amateur photographer since his teens, Shulman had a chance encounter with architect Richard Neutra in the late 1930s, and Shulman's career as a photographer of architecture was launched. From the 1940s through the 1960s, Shulman's photos appeared in major magazines across the globe, and helped infuse modernist art principles into what we now call lifestyle. His work advanced the careers of America's most famous architects, including Neutra, John Lautner and Frank Lloyd Wright. Shulman officially retired in 1989, but a new appreciation for modernist architecture in the 1990s led to his work being hailed as fine art. By the time he died, Shulman was said to be the guy who first practiced architectural photography as an art form.

D. M Hospitality News

❝ My eight month project was to Improve the marketability of the hotel, maximize value and increase the selling price; by providing enhancements that are designed to make the hotel stand out and be outstanding ❞  Interior Architectural Designer Domenique Mora 
The hotel was recently acquired by investors who now plan to put millions into the motel to transition it into the Infusion Beach & Hotel, “a luxury entertainment destination venue unlike anything seen in Palm Springs before,” according to a press release. 
Jim R. Hollenbeck, a spokesman for the property, said he was not yet allowed to reveal the complete renovation plans. However, the owners are working on new plans for a multi-million dollar renovation expected to take place this year in 2015.
The 124-room Hotel will close for the renovation, though that date has yet to be determined. And the number of rooms will be similar to the number of the rooms the hotel currently has, said Hollenbeck, who was not able to offer specific…