The Mirage House In Greece

Located in the northern side of the Cyclades, Tinos is the third largest island of island group. Well known as the “Island of Madonna”, Tinos is the greatest center of pilgrimage in Greece. Within its landscape of rugged, rocky hills lay more than 40 villages, like marble fragments of an ancient statue scattered across the hills. The island is famous for its unspoiled architecture, its picturesque villages and beautiful scenery. More than a thousand churches can be found on slopes and hilltops, a thousand or so dovecotes, while masterpieces of local architecture and tens of derelict windmills are found in its gullies and valleys. The scenery is lined by thousands of kilometers of dry stonewalls that make the landscape visually unique.



Hans Silvester Natural Fashion

Aldo Rossi Architecture

Beverly Hills Mansion

Art Smith Jewelry

Malene Birger Move and Work

Jean Louis Deniot Doheny Drive

WIilliam Haines Hollywood Design

Ṗhotographer Helmut Newton

The Skylodge