Broadcaster Mound of Space

Broadcaster Mound of Space I Dolmen Megalithic Year 2,800 BC

During the January of 2007, the construction works of a secondary pipe of the water distribution mains in Segarra-Garrigues system, caused an unexpected appearance of archaeological ruins from an ancient construction for 4.800 years in Seró (Artesa de Segre, Lleida). The most important point of this discovery was the megalithic nature of sandstone slabs and specially the accuracy of geometrical decoration sculpted. Stones with soft relief that, at the same time, were parts of ancient statues reused from a previous sculptural monument.   Two patches that are not in use and next to the scales square, is the place where  small cultural building with different type of uses and spaces was built. 

A construction project with local materials is topography of one floor between square and patches. A succession of mild ramps with soft and elastic limits made of corrugated steel, suggests different paths that cover different conditions of the public space project.  Clay and humus platforms between the square, the horizon and the cliff planes are viewpoints where one can see the archaeological ruins.  The corner space looks to the west orientation with winter sun and vegetation cover during the summer.   Some banks recycling the stones of orchards and different carpets of floors alternate the use of materials such as, clay, iron, top-soil and granite gravel.  The shadows of two hack-berry's recovered, and memory of the old orchard with the spontaneous regrowth of chard in the inside space,  the wine offers a product to local cooperatives and at the same time is the village bar.

Additionally,  a multipurpose room blends the daily uses as a social center with the introduction to the museum area, where documented is the discovery of pieces of the megalithic tomb.  Entering the room of the stele, a spiral tour with an almost imperceptible slope surrounded by ceramic pieces lets in the dim light, the air, the smell of the countryside and the fog.  As the light intensity goes down, the ceramic pavement disintegrates, and the overhead light focuses the eye on the etched surface of each of the stele.  Silence slows time in a space of accurate contemplation in a horizontal plane of clay powder, showing footprints of each visitor quietly.   Going out with no possibility of crossing another,  gradual intensifying light and noise on the horizon of a wheat field comes to find you and take you back to the common agricultural landscape of the area.


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