Bompas & Parr. Sensory Accumulator

Thornton's store in Westfield Stratford was home to a bespoke ‘Sensory Accumulator’ created by Bompas & Parr.  The pink pod takes chocolate fans on a taste journey, heightening your senses to create the perfect chocolate eating experience.   After a brief taste profiling, you are matched to the perfect balance of flavours inside the pink taste pod, where you become immersed in a audio-visual tasting experience.

Once their ideal chocolate has been discovered, your donned headwear is configured with EEG technology that monitors your brain’s activity.  The visuals displayed within the pod are informed by your taste preferences.   The Sensory Accumulator isolated gustatory explorers from every sensation other than the carefully choreographed array of flavours introduced to your palate. What’s more the chamber also created the perfect situation for food-centric relaxation, the ultimate immersive taste journey!



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