Jean Louis Deniot I Imaginary Voyage

French Interior Architectural Designer, Jean-Louis Deniot, dramatic gallery presentation for the 2012 AD Interiors attracted a swarm of top designers and chic socials of the Paris scene.  

French Architectural Digest and Paris auction house, Artcurial, top Paris designers invited to create designs for the installation event included: Jean-Louis Deniot, Thierry Lemaire, François-Josef Graf, Bruno Moinard, Chahan Minassian, Vincent Darré, Dimore Studio, Pierre Yovanovitch, Rafael de Càrdenas, Charles Zana, Rose Anne de Pampelonne, Joseph Dirand, Francis Sultana.

Jean Denoit, best known for elegant and polished work, created an extreme interpretation of his theme 'Imaginary Voyages', nothing realistic, nothing anticipated and nothing ever seen before. Deniot mingled risk and audacity, each element of the architecture and furnishing being excessive.

Denots installation design "Imaginary Voyages" takes you into a dramatic gallery presentation of virtuoso techniques, bold imagination, and boundary-less innovation.  Deniot mingled  risk and audacity, creating  maximum  richness and opulence, in the most contemporary way possible.  Each surface offered new materials and techniques and hallucinatory effects. The dramatic decor  portrays an extreme interpretation of the theme; nothing realistic, nothing anticipated, and nothing ever seen before.  

As Jean-Louis Denot said about his project: "In this exhibit, I wanted every element of the architecture and furnishing to be excessive. The theme is 'Imaginary Voyages' so I created a decor that would give an extreme interpretation of the theme; nothing realistic, nothing common or anticipated, nothing ever seen before or imagined...mingling risk, audacity, and high decoration."


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