Philippe Starcks Unconventional Designs

Philippe Starck was born January 18, 1949 in Paris, an aeronautical engineer in the family. After studying at the École Camondo in 1968 founded his first design studio that specializes in creating inflatable objects. Philip spent his childhood for sawing, sanding and gluing boards, as well as the dismantling bikes, motorcycles and other objects. After several years and several prototypes, he was commissioned to work on the French President François Mitterrand. Around this time he began designing furniture for leading Italian and international companies. Whenever we look at a new object of French designer, we dive into the world of surprises and fabulous fantasy. For more than three decades, the designer and architect has become part of our everyday life, creating unconventional objects to be “useful” before becoming a beautiful.

“ I dream of a new age of curiosity. We have the technical means for it; the desire is there; the things to be known are infinite; the people who can employ themselves at this task exist. Why do we suffer? From too little: from channels that are too narrow, skimpy, quasi-monopolistic, insufficient. There is no point in adopting a quasi- protectionist attitude, to prevent 'bad' information from invading and suffocating the 'good'. Rather, we must simply multiply the paths and the possibilities of comings and goings."

Philosopher Michel Foucault