David Brewsters Kaleidoscopes

Sir David Brewster began work leading towards the invention of the kaleidoscope around 1815 and within three years, thousands of Kaleidoscopes sold in Paris and London. It’s no wonder why so many love exploring the geometric facets, colors, lighting and reflections created within a Kaleidoscope… at all scales. Art or architecture, observing from afar or within, these sculptural forms made of colored objects such as mirror, glass, beads, pebbles or metals are a huge inspiration for my 2013 collection .


“ I dream of a new age of curiosity. We have the technical means for it; the desire is there; the things to be known are infinite; the people who can employ themselves at this task exist. Why do we suffer? From too little: from channels that are too narrow, skimpy, quasi-monopolistic, insufficient. There is no point in adopting a quasi- protectionist attitude, to prevent 'bad' information from invading and suffocating the 'good'. Rather, we must simply multiply the paths and the possibilities of comings and goings."

Philosopher Michel Foucault