Le Corbusier L'école

L'école maternelle de l'unité, built in 1968, by Le Corbusier is a kindergarten and elementary school located on the top two floors of a 19-story housing block planned as a utopian community in the working-class town of Firminy, near Lyon. The classrooms are organized along a long hallway, all oriented in one direction. The walls of the hallway, opposite the classrooms, are pierced with multi-colored windows scaled for children's height, a touch that adds a great deal of color and play of light to the interiors. Classrooms feature specific activity zones, delineated by the built-in furniture, including reading circles. Throughout, the architecture, fixtures, and all furnishings are scaled for the young students. The interiors are extremely well-suited for interactive, activity-based learning that fosters community.

“ I dream of a new age of curiosity. We have the technical means for it; the desire is there; the things to be known are infinite; the people who can employ themselves at this task exist. Why do we suffer? From too little: from channels that are too narrow, skimpy, quasi-monopolistic, insufficient. There is no point in adopting a quasi- protectionist attitude, to prevent 'bad' information from invading and suffocating the 'good'. Rather, we must simply multiply the paths and the possibilities of comings and goings."

Philosopher Michel Foucault