Momental Luncheon

Green House Luncheon 

A luncheon in a historic greenhouse with the sun trickling in early morning is hard to ignore. Of course, it is difficult not to get good light in a greenhouse. Surrounded by beautiful window panes, succulents and green ferns at every turn, the room comes alive,

Italian Style Luncheon

Extend an Italian style invitation, Moody blue mingled with intricate floral and creamy, ethereal tones seem a curious choice for a day luncheon. Drawing on contrasts within space with organic textures texture upon texture and a subdued palette of rich hues and layered foil

Lobster Beach Luncheon

Create a pallet of beautiful bold reds for an afternoon of lobster on the beach with freind's

“ I dream of a new age of curiosity. We have the technical means for it; the desire is there; the things to be known are infinite; the people who can employ themselves at this task exist. Why do we suffer? From too little: from channels that are too narrow, skimpy, quasi-monopolistic, insufficient. There is no point in adopting a quasi- protectionist attitude, to prevent 'bad' information from invading and suffocating the 'good'. Rather, we must simply multiply the paths and the possibilities of comings and goings."

Philosopher Michel Foucault