The Glass House

Simplicity is when, in the act of creating the dwelling, the subject becomes transparent, a medium for aesthetic values, the stage and the theater of representation. Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio pursue and achieve their design, their image is symbolic, and portrayed standing on a transparent sheet of glass.  

On the upper floor of the Milan showroom, absorbed into a dimension, boundary lines vanish. Simplicity is the sensitive interpretation of the basic function. The Plexiglas joint venture makes it possible to combine and assemble the sheets of glass, defining architectural works which is one of the most intrinsic to the interiors intimate and private realm and the dream of living every season.  The essential characteristic is unity.  The purity and brilliancy of glass being the structural component of the environment, creating contrast against the picturesque grains of wood and nature.  

Carlo Santambrogio appeal is one of illusory connotations, open space not bounded by walls. His ideas relate to transparency, and the fascination of the material par excellence. Glass that reflects and integrates the colors of roses, jasmine and oleanders, chasing each other across the blue, distinguishing the light of dawn from that of sunset. A colorless supreme material that justified the conception of the entire habitat and structure, integrating both, into one harmonious cohesion. Translucent glass endowing a form on the load-bearing girders, floors, roofs, walls and glass stairs where sunlight passes through the slabs form a great pool. The composition of kitchen space  exemplary, of a reflection of a glowing flame, the green of a garden and the pink of crustaceans. An interplay of transparencies heightening the senses, revealing food, a gratifying embodiment of desire and the achievement of the most exclusive life style.  Nature is on stage, in the theater of transparencies where snow, ice, rain and sun alternate in the lime-light. 

The collection Simpli-City was born from the collaboration between Carlo Santambrogio and the designer Ennio Arosio, who wanted to give “transparent” shape to a unique way of conceiving living spaces.  The transparent housing concepts by Milan-based Santambrogio | Milan are designed to be built almost everywhere around the world and allow the inhabitant to be completely immersed in nature. Everybody of the dwellings, except for the ground, is composed of structural glass pieces. The 'snow house,' as the name implies, would be found in the colder climates and is constructed of thicker panes. With the touch of a button, the special glass panels, immediately turn matte for privacy, and sliding curtains. the 'cliff house' on the other hand contains thinner lighter glass elements as there are no external forces acting upon the structure.Elevated over a thin bed of water, the dwelling makes the owner feel as though floating above the ocean seen in the horizon. Not meant for urban areas, these residences create a 360-degree view of the immediate environment. A strict modular grid of transparent columns and beams allows the housing to become flexible in size accommodating the individual's needs.




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