Bullocks Duquette Deco

I came across these old photos of Bullocks Department stores. In 1935 Tony Duquette was hired by Bullocks to change their interiors to reflect the seasons. Because Los Angeles has no discernible seasons, it was Duquette's job to make it appear that they did. Upon seeing his work, legendary decorator Elsie de Wolfe uttered the fated words, "Who is this kid, I've got to meet him." De Wolfe took Duquette under her wing and sent his career soaring.

“ I dream of a new age of curiosity. We have the technical means for it; the desire is there; the things to be known are infinite; the people who can employ themselves at this task exist. Why do we suffer? From too little: from channels that are too narrow, skimpy, quasi-monopolistic, insufficient. There is no point in adopting a quasi- protectionist attitude, to prevent 'bad' information from invading and suffocating the 'good'. Rather, we must simply multiply the paths and the possibilities of comings and goings."

Philosopher Michel Foucault